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Jan 18, 2013 3:00am PST
will be the first president to be sworn in four times since what president? >> franklin roosevelt. >> all right. wins the prize? >> let me give you this. how about this? he is the first president, first democratic president since franklin roosevelt to be elected with more than 50% twice. he is also the first president since dwight eisenhower to be elected twice with more than 51%. >> there you go? >> ranken was above. a mandate. >> a second term. will we see any difference in his second term? what's the second term going to look like? i know you are talking about that with some folks in columbia? >> i will be up at the university of district of columbia with a great event organized by progressive democrats of america, national nurses united, communication workers, a lot of unions bringing together all sorts of folks. keith ellison will be there as well as a lot of other folks talking about this. i think obama can be different. the question is: will he? >> he was showing good signs? >> the transition has been one of the better trigs in modern history. he took on the whole fiscal cliff thin
Jan 17, 2013 3:00am PST
about a president who used all kinds of executive authority. look at teddy roosevelt or franklin roosevelt. that's what presidents do. you know what that's called? it's called leadership. we want people who will lead in times of crisis. not who are afraid of their own shadows. phillip down in gainesville florida. >> caller: hi, i wanted to say i completely totally agree about what you were saying about gun control hasn't gone far enough and that you know, i think we should go in the direction of britain and australia. >> bill: i agree. >> caller: i also think the time is a little too late, you know. when obama first ran for president on hope and change, i was ecstatic to get obama in there and i was just like all of these changes are going to happen. and i was so completely disappointed when we had a democratic president and a democratic majority in the house and nancy pelosi as speaker of the house and the time to have done something on gun control would have been then. but the first words that really made me think that something's wrong here is when nancy pelosi got up and spea
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2